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Arapahoe County Open Space

To enhance, protect and connect Arapahoe County’s treasured parks, trails and open spaces for Arapahoe_County_Logo_Open-Spaces_PCEresidents to enjoy today and forever.

In 2003 and 2011 voters approved the Arapahoe County Open Space Sales and Use Tax as a dedicated funding source to protect the unique natural landscapes found throughout the County and to enhance outdoor recreational opportunities through parks, trails and open space.  The tax generates 25 cents for every $100 spent in Arapahoe County, and these funds are invested in a wide range of open space projects to enhance the environment and your quality of life.  The vision of the Arapahoe County Open Space Program is “Healthy Lands, Healthy Communities, Healthy People”.

Great Outdoors Colorado


Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) was created in 1992 when Colorado voters directed a portion of Lottery proceeds towards Colorado’s wildlife, parks, rivers, trails and open spaces.  Colorado

Lottery proceeds are distributed in the following way each year: 40% goes to the Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) and is distributed on a per capita basis to cities, counties and special districts for recreation and open space projects; 10% goes to Colorado State Parks; Up to 50% goes to GOCO, an amount that is capped at $35 million adjusted for inflation. This translated to roughly $56 million in FY 2011.

GOCO is governed by a 17-member Board of Directors appointed by the Governor. The Board distributes GOCO’s share of Lottery proceeds each year via competitive grants and investments in Division of Parks & Wildlife projects.

Colorado State Trails Program

The Colorado State Recreational Trails Grants Program funds small and large, maintenance or Parks-and-Wildlife.webjpgconstruction recreational trail grants, planning grants and trail support grants. The grant program is a partnership among Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Great Outdoors Colorado, the Colorado Lottery, the Federal Highways Administration Recreational Trails Program, and the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Our projects have been funded thanks to the commitment from each and every community partner including, but not limited to, the City of Centennial, City of Englewood, the City of Littleton, the City of Sheridan, the City of Lone Tree and the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District.

Our efforts have truly reaped the benefits of long term funding partnerships from a diversified group of interests. Public, private and individual commitments have, and continue to be, the major force in making our projects move forward.

Remember, “together we build trails!”

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