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Humans and Nature

As you travel through the greenway and trail system, there’s a high chance you will have somesort of interaction with the local wildlife.  Here are some:

What if a coyote approaches me?

There are several things you can do if a coyote approaches you such as be as big and loud as possible; wave your arms and clap.  The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department recommends facing the coyote and back away slowly.  Do not run or turn your back on the coyote.  For additional information about coyote interactions, please visit www.wildlife.state.co.us.

What if I find a baby bird?

If it’s pink and featherless and you spot the nest, set it back in or create a substitute nest if the original one is damaged.  Touching the baby will not cause the mother to abandon it.  If you find it on the ground again, let nature take its course. If the baby has feathers, remember that birds often leave the nest before they can fly.  A parent may be nearby protecting and feeding the baby. Leave them alone, and ensure no pets can get at the baby, and it should fly within a day or two. Moving the baby might mean the parent can no longer care for it.

What if I come across a sick or injured animal?

Do not handle or approach wildlife that is acting abnormally.  If an animal appears to be suffering, report it to the Rangers, Animal Control, or Parks and Wildlife who will attempt to aid it if the animal can be captured.  Deer Creek Animal Hospital, 303-973-4200 may provide emergency services for wildlife. Consider donating to help with the costs of treatment or transportation to a rehabilitation center.  Injured or abandoned wildlife require 24-hour care and specialty equipment and training.

As our trail projects are completed, more and more visitors of all ages are using them.  To increase your outdoor experience and to stay safe, please note and live by the following trail users responsibilities outlined by the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District:

  • Wear a helmet.
  • Please keep your maximum trail speed at 15 mph and slow down at all major intersections, crossings and round-abouts.
  • Pets must be on a leads that does not exceed 6 feet.
  • Please clean-up after your pet.
  • All users should stay to the right to increase safety.
  • Bicyclist yield “right of way” to pedestrians and ride single file.
  • Provide an audible, voice or bell warning and pass on the left.
  • Use proper hand signals when turning.
  • Slow horses to a walk when within 100 feet of other users and on paved surfaces.
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals.

For a complete list of South Suburban Parks and Recreation District rules and responsibilities, click here http://www.ssprd.org/Portals/0/Parks/ParkRules.pdf and please refer to the posted signage located throughout the trail and greenway corridors.

To report an accident, call 911 and give specific location.  For additional information, call the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District at (303) 798-5131.

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